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Tuesday Trails Updates: The Latest Trail Conditions on Your Favorite MHLC Preserves

Before you set out on the trails, check this page for the latest news regarding the conditions at MHLC preserves, as well as trail highlights, hiking tips, and local wildlife notes and sightings!

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Tuesday Trails Update: July 18, 2017

Through this rainy summer, MHLC trails are wet and muddy in many locations, especially in low spots and along waterways, including those at the Lower Holt Preserve, and the Green Trail at the Bennett Hill Preserve.

In order to protect trailside vegetation and prevent further erosion of trails, please walk through mud and water – not around it. To learn more about this tip and other Leave No Trace Principles, visit:

Updating trail markers at Keleher Preserve

The trail system at the Keleher Preserve is currently being remarked to create MHLC’s longest trail yet – a white trail loop over 4 miles long. An updated map can be found on our website and at the trailhead. Grab your bike and a friend to explore it for yourself!

Bring your binoculars out to Mosher Marsh to catch a glimpse not only the many species of birds flying overhead, but beavers building their lodge below. The first bridge along the loop trail has been flooded by beaver activity, and the trail section around it has been closed modifying this to an out-and-back walk.

Early summer is a wonderful time to enjoy colorful flowering vegetation. Look out for native swamp and pasture rose at Bennett Hill, Yarrow at Keleher, White Baneberry at the Bozen Kill, and Bleeding Hearts along the Rail Trail. Trying to improve your flora identification skills? Check out this helpful wildflower blog from a local botanist.

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