Andrea Hersh

It was an honor to be chosen as the first artist to paint a mural along the Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail. The mural is a fantastical landscape that has movement, bright color, and whimsical imagery. It is a warm splash of color in the gray days of winter. The painting incorporates the rectangles of the windows as well as the sky beyond the roof. On a clear blue day, one’s eye is drawn up into the sky and extends beyond the trees. There were days while I was painting that I saw the trail of an airplane or a puffy white cloud, which gave the painting more height and depth, heightening the viewer’s imagination. 

My work is derived from the natural world and the human form. I often have themes of vulnerability, desire, greed, and industry gone awry.  I imagine a new world that brings humans and nature together in perfect harmony. As a Libra, I am driven to bring balance to my work.  Through my paintings, I balance family and work, society and solitude, whimsy, and cold reality. I find the ugly and the beauty of what it is to be human and live in the world. I hope when the viewer is standing in front of the mural, they are swept into the landscape and have a peaceful experience in this new and peaceful world.


Andrea Hersh holds a BS in painting and drawing from Skidmore College and an MFA from the University at Albany. Her work has been widely exhibited, including the Flash Art Show in Milan, Italy, the Albany Institute of History and Art, Gallery Boreas, and the AAF Contemporary Art Fair.  She received a New York Foundation of Art in the category of Painting. She lives and works in Slingerlands, NY.  To see more of her work go to her website:



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