Angela Cuozzo

Angela Cuozzo

Angela Cuozzo’s mural at Bilss in Delmar.

This mural opportunity was very appealing to me because the installation was going to be on the exterior of Bliss, in Delmar. Bliss, at the time of their opening, offered yoga classes & healthy menu options. The ART committee partnered with Bliss to call for artists to paint a mural. This mural would be installed and positioned to be visible from the Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail. My vision was to create a mural that would merge the yoga culture and the beauty of nature that exists along the Rail Trail.

I used the peacock to represent its colorful and spiritual presence, adding graphic elements of fauna, and the healing energies of the 7 chakras. The rainbow color palette is sprinkled across the entire mural and really pops against the chocolate background, providing a vibrant visual of public art that can be seen by anyone using the Rail Trail. The process of splitting my composition into 2 panels was a challenge, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work outside my comfort zone. Creating this mural brought me great joy, and I hope that others too, are drawn to its positive energy.


Angela Cuozzo

Angela Cuozzo is designer and artist with over 25 years of corporate experience in graphic design and marketing. In the summer of 2017 she launched her own business, Cuozzo Creative. She has taken her art and design skills to a new level and now enjoys opportunities to express her creativity by painting murals. Her studio time is spent working on commissioned house portraits, a new area of work that she shifted into when the pandemic halted the creative workshops she instructed for seniors and children. Her work is bold, vibrant, and cheerful, intended to make her audience smile. You pick the canvas and Cuozzo Creative will enhance it.

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Installed at Bliss


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