Ask the Conservation Director: What is a conservation easement?

A conservation easement provides flexibility while protecting your land.

Q: What is a conservation easement?

A: A conservation easement is a legal document that is filed with your property deed. This document legally outlines all future land use for that property.

Easements allow for the landowner to continue to own the property. However, the easement restricts future uses of the land,  such as not allowing the parcel to be subdivided into many pieces, or removing the right to develop the parcel in the future.

Conservation easements allow landowners to protect their land while also providing more flexibility than a traditional land donation. Land trusts like Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy have worked with landowners across the United States to conserve 56 million acres of land as of December 2016, as reported by the Land Trust Alliance (LTA). We are an LTA-accredited land trust. You can join in this larger movement of conservation by educating yourself about conservation options. A good place to start is our previous post: “I have property I want to conserve. What are my options?”

You can also learn more about conservation easements at our upcoming Conservation Easements 101 event on Saturday, November 4th in Schenectady. This event will be hosted by one of our easement landowners. You can learn firsthand from this family’s experience with land conversation and tour their passively solar home.

To register for this free event, please visit our Events page. We hope to see you there!

Sarah Walsh
Conservation Director

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