Bender Melon Farm


Winter corn fields at the Bender Melon Farm

For more than 350 years the Town of New Scotland retained its rural character. In recent years, however, the rapid pace of residential development has gobbled up many of our open fields.

Today, we are at a crossroads: at the corner of Routes 85 and 85A, some of the most visible and iconic farmland in the Town is at risk. Please help save the 198-acre farm and forever preserve the character of the Town of New Scotland.

The protection of the Bender Melon Farm is vital to our community. Its preservation provides:

• A connection to the Town of New Scotland’s agricultural past.
• Habitat for insects, birds, and other animals to live and thrive and support for biodiversity;
• Fields and forests providing vital wildlife corridors in the age of global warming;
• Protection of the headwaters of the Phillipin Kill Stream, which originates in the Town of New Scotland and is part of the Vloman Kill watershed, eventually emptying into the Hudson River.
• Protection of the beautiful rural sense of the New Scotland section of the Rail Trail
• Open space for walking and reflection;
• Protection from overdevelopment in the region;
• Scenic enjoyment for neighbors, as a recognized town landmark; and
• A continuation of the farming legacy of the Town of New Scotland.

Please pledge your support and ensure that this vital land is protected for future generations, forever preserving the legacy of farming in the Town of New Scotland.

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