Birding with Rich Guthrie: Good for the Soul

Mid-to-late May is the time of year when our avian friends return from warmer places in order to nest and raise the next generation of birds which will delight our landscape. To celebrate this migration, MHLC hosted Wobbling with Warblers, a morning birding hike, on Saturday, May 12. This hike was led by Rich Guthrie, WAMC’s avian expert, at our Winn Preserve.

Participants watch a Brown Thrasher at the Winn Preserve.

More than a dozen participants attended, geared up with binoculars, birding books, audio recorders, and hiking boots to explore the birds of the preserve. MHLC’s Winn Preserve was a gift to the organization from Nancy and Hudson Winn of Slingerlands in 1997. The property was prized by the couple for its birding spots, being home to Wood Thrush, Eastern Wood Peewee, and a host of warblers, which return each year to build nests and raise families in their woods. The Winn Preserve has had additional acreage added to it over time, with the last piece being added in 2013 and the total acreage now at 208 acres.

This birding paradise, due to its dense forest, lends itself to viewing all kinds of species that are not easily seen in suburban, fragmented landscapes. Our participants, guided by Rich, walked slowly and quietly through the wooded landscape. We looked and listened for birds in the early morning hours, and  spotted many species.

Rich talks about Northern Flicker feathers with the group.

Participants heard Wood Thrush and Black-throated Green Warbler and caught glimpses of a pair of Oven Birds and Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers prepping for the nesting season. Other species seen include Tufted Titmouse, Brown Thrasher and Raven.

Thank you to Rich Guthrie for leading this hike and sharing his birding brain with our participants!

To learn more about our upcoming events, including a hike through a riparian forest at our Schoharie Creek Preserve on June 9, Family Wilderness Crafts with Ondatra Adventures on June 17, and our Summer Celebration and Helderberg Hike-a-Thon, check out our Events page.

To learn more about Rich and his WAMC radio show, check out his website.

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