Bridges and Beavers: An Update from the Stewardship Desk

Schiffendecker Bridge Repair

 Volunteers repair a bridge at Schiffendecker Farm Preserve

Every year, we determine the work needed on our preserves. This often includes the maintenance or replacement of bridges.

In 2016, we replaced two bridges at Normanskill West Preserve and Ashford Glen Preserve and rescued a third (flooding at the Schiffendecker Farm Preserve caused a bridge to lose its footings and move downstream). This was only possible with the help of many volunteers, and the leadership of Preserve Stewards Peter Stoj, Scott Lewendon, and Don and Lois Porter.

Bridges are literally crossings and connections. They symbolize transition and hope. There will be more bridges to build and replace in 2017 and beyond. As we continue to work to make open space accessible, we hope you will join MHLC in building bridges.

We have also noticed accelerated beaver activity at several of our preserves, most notably at Mosher Marsh, Schiffendecker, Normans Kill West, and Phillipin Kill. The beavers did not read the paragraphs above, and apparently are not impressed with the symbolism of bridges. In fact, bridges may mean the exact opposite in beaver brain!

Take a hike or volunteer on our preserves as we continue to ponder bridges, beavers, and the complexities of nature!

-Connie Tedesco, Stewardship Director

Jeff Leon on a bridge flooded by beaver activity at Mosher Marsh (lodge on left).

Jeff Leon on a bridge flooded by beaver activity at Mosher Marsh (lodge on left).

Lois Porter at new bridge at Ashford Glen Preserve

Preserve Steward Lois Porter at the new bridge at Ashford Glen Preserve

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