We set an ambitious goal: help us raise $5 million for land conservation!

In 2013, the MHLC’s Board of Directors quietly set two ambitious goals for our future: to raise $2.3 million for operations, and to raise $5 million for land conservation—all within five years.

As of October 2018, our first fundraising goal has been met: $2.3 million dollars have been raised for operations! This funding has enabled us to grow from a staff of two to a staff of six, to amplify outreach and fundraising efforts, and to connect with more landowners in Albany, Montgomery, and Schenectady Counties, thereby increasing opportunities to protect local properties from current and future development.

The second goal, to raise $5 million for land protection, is nearly achieved: as of early October, we have raised $4.7 million of our $5 million goal. We hope to raise the remaining $300,000 in the upcoming months: and you can help! 

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With your help, we’ll protect more of the lands which make the Capital Region so beautiful.

These two goals, originally established in 2013, have set the stage for the Conservancy’s remarkable growth in the past five years. In that time, the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy has protected 3,000 acres, bringing its total protected acres more than 5,000 and more than doubling the acreage of the previous 20 years. With the support of thousands of individual donors, we have protected lands across our tri-county service area of Albany, Montgomery, and Schenectady Counties, preserving fields, forests, and farmlands, protecting natural resources and important habitats, combating climate change through carbon sequestration, and opening new nature preserves to the public, including the Bozen Kill Preserve in Altamont, the Strawberry Fields Preserve in Amsterdam, and the Fox Preserve in Colonie.

“This is a historic moment for conservation in the Capital Region,” says Mark King, Executive Director of MHLC. “The growth of the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy reflects a larger phenomenon: as more land is developed year after year, our communities are driven to protect the remaining natural spaces of our home. Because of the dedication of our supporters, MHLC has been able to become the Capital Region’s local land trust, acting quickly and decisively to protect more acres than ever before.”

We hope you will consider making a gift towards our Comprehensive Campaign: we are only $300,000 away from reaching our funding goal for future urgent conservation efforts. Contributions of any size will go a long way towards supporting the Conservancy’s mission, combating climate change and providing important benefits to current and future generations, including scenic views, plant and animal diversity, clean air and water, and the chance to explore and learn about the natural features that make the Capital Region so special. Thank you!

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