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Land Preservation is an investment in the future. Once we develop our natural areas, we cannot get them back. Unless we act now, our community’s most treasured natural areas may disappear before future generations of children and grandchildren have the chance to enjoy them.

Leon-_sunriseConserving and connecting our communities is what we do at the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy (MHLC). As a nonprofit conservation organization, we work to preserve the distinct natural, scenic, agricultural and cultural landscapes of the Mohawk and Hudson River Valleys — for all to enjoy. 


We accomplish our mission by owning and managing land of significant ecological or scenic value — much of it on the rural-urban interface where development threatens our natural spaces. We also hold voluntary land preservation agreements — called conservation easements — that allow private landowners to protect natural areas from development without selling their land.

By protecting key parcels of farmland and open space, MHLC provides important benefits to those who live in the region, including scenic views, plant and animal diversity, clean air and water, and the chance to explore and learn about the natural features that make our region so special. 

Please make a difference today!  


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