Spring Trail Work at Swift Preserve

This week, MHLC welcomed our new Stewardship and Volunteer Coordinator, Sawyer Cresap, into the office.

She didn’t stay in the office for long! It’s springtime, and there’s trail work to do. This Thursday, Sawyer met with John Sherman, Preserve Steward of Swift Preserve, to remove some downed trees from the preserve trails.

Enjoy Sawyer’s before and after photos of the work, as well as some shots of trout lilies, violets, and the wetlands in springtime.

Swift is one of MHLC’s “Pocket Preserves” – little pockets of nature, tucked within developed areas and easily accessible for a hike any time of day. This 21.6-acre wetland is located in Delmar directly across Delaware Avenue from the Bethlehem Central High School sports field. A gift from the Swift group, the Preserve was created to protect the wetlands remaining after homes were constructed on neighboring parcels. It includes a 1-acre man-made wetland, built to help compensate for the natural wetlands that were filled in. It officially opened to the public in 2007, and is a favorite  spot for MHLC staff craving a dose of vitamin D, the smells of the forest, and the sounds of the wetlands on our lunch-time breaks from the office on Kenwood Ave.

To learn more about Sawyer, visit our MHLC Team page.

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