Support the Preservation of the Stony Creek Reservoir

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The Stony Creek Reservoir—located between Grooms and Crescent Roads, east of Vischer Ferry Road—is nearly 1,000 acres of forested land and almost 365 acres of freshwater. The reservoir and adjoining land, which have remained untouched for seven decades, form the largest natural, undeveloped area in the Town of Clifton Park.  

For 70 years, the Town of Colonie has owned the Stony Creek Reservoir in Clifton Park for use as a water source, but it has been largely unused in recent years. The Town is now working to sell this nearly 1,000-acre property which includes the 365-acre reservoir. 

With a proposed sale looming, a broad coalition of citizens and organizations are working together to preserve this tremendous resource as a public conservation area. The Town of Clifton Park, Open Space Institute, Friends of Clifton Park, Saratoga Plan, SAVE Colonie: A Partnership for Planning, and many others are working to conserve this regional open space resource.

Open Space for All to Enjoy

It is a rare opportunity to protect a property of this size that includes such a substantial body of water. MHLC supports the efforts to preserve this property as it will provide benefits to the entire Capital Region. Continued public ownership of Stony Creek Reservoir will prevent further development and urban sprawl in the dense eastern half of Clifton Park. It will also ensure that its pristine woodlands and waters will continue to provide important habitat for fish and migratory birds.

The benefits of public parks are not bound by municipal lines, and the potential recreational use will impact the communities well beyond Clifton Park. The Stony Creek Reservoir has the potential to provide a wide variety of public open space uses including hiking, passive recreation, and non-motorized use of the waterways. There are also possible agricultural, historical, and tourism opportunities for the Town of Clifton Park.

How You Can Help:

With help from the public, this land can be preserved for future generations of Capital Region residents. You can support a process for the Town of Clifton Park to work with the Open Space Institute toward the acquisition of the Stony Creek Reservoir from the Town of Colonie by signing the petition at:

Watch a video about the Stony Creek Reservoir produced by SAVE Colonie.

Stony Creek Reservoir


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