Our Favorite Gadgets: How Tech Improves Stewardship

Once MHLC has protected a property, either by owning it outright or placing a conservation easement on the land, our work has only just begun. The goal of land trusts like the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy is to protect land in its natural state in perpetuity–forever.

In the autumn season, this means inspecting our properties’ boundaries, trails, and sensitive areas to ensure we are meeting our long-term commitments. With over 25 miles of protected boundary lines to walk and document, technology is key to making our time and record keeping more effective. There are many tools we use to inspect and document these properties.

Here are three key pieces of tech we use every day:

GPS unit: We use a Garmin Oregon handheld GPS unit to track where we walk within 30 meters. The GPS unit  drops “waypoints” at specific places of interest to later include on the property maps we make back at the office.

iPad, Bluetooth GPS enhancement, and Geolocation apps: Property corners defined in hundred-year-old deeds are often over hill and dale, winding along stonewalls, and hidden under fallen trees and leaves. MHLC uses an iPad with an external GPS enhancement: this shows us exactly where we are on a property through apps like Avenza and OnXHunt. These apps allow us to download maps to our device and work offline through Bluetooth in remote areas without data availability.

Canon PowerShot A2200: This point-and-shoot camera gives us the ability to take high-quality photos without risk of damaging this durable piece of equipment.

We are grateful to the many donors who contributed to our Stewardship Wish List at this year’s Fall Fundraiser. Thank you for helping us protect land in the Capital Region!

Sawyer Cresap
Stewardship and Volunteer Coordinator

If you’d like to donate towards our stewardship needs, e-mail Director of Development and Operations Lea Montalto-Rook at lea@mohawkhudson.org.

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