The Triumpho Farmland: Protected Forever!

Farmland in the Mohawk Valley: 540 Acres—Protected Forever!

Photographs from the Triumpho family farm in the Mohawk Valley. Click for larger photos.

We asked for your help, and you responded!

In December 2018, MHLC met our met our fundraising goal for the Triumpho farmlandBecause of your support, the Triumpho farmland is now protected with a conservation easement. The land’s many treasures: fertile soils, the banks and waters of Zimmerman Creek (a key water source for St. Johnsville), and hundreds of acres of rolling hills, forests, and fields are conserved forever, and the land remains open for future farming. 

This work in the Mohawk Valley would not have been possible without the support of our community and funding from the New York State Conservation Partnership Program (NYSCPP) and New York’s Environmental Protection Fund. The NYSCPP is administered by the Land Trust Alliance, in coordination with the state Department of Environmental Conservation. We are grateful to our conservation partners, to Mr. Triumpho, and to our community for coming together to protect this incredible property!

For more information on the about the 100+ year history of farming on this land, read our interview with Richard Triumpho in the December 2018 edition of Viewpoints, MHLC’s newsletter.

The Farm, The Family, The Land

The Zimmerman Creek feeds into St. Johnsville’s water supply.

Rolling hills, forested slopes, open pastures, and hay fields—this land in St. Johnsville has been the home of the Triumpho Family for over 100 years. Herds of dairy cows have grazed here for over a century, cared for by four generations of Triumphos and their neighbors. 

This land supports several important ecosystems. The fertile soils on the Triumpho farm have been identified as being of statewide significance: these are healthy, nutrient-rich soils which can support a diverse ecosystem and sustainable agriculture. The bucolic, rolling hillsides which characterize the farm are iconic to the Mohawk Valley. Hundreds of acres of temperate deciduous forest provide wildlife habitat, soil stability, and carbon storage. Winding through these forests, the Zimmerman Creek provides fresh waters for trout spawning and also serves as an important water source for the town of St. Johnsville. 

A Chance To Protect This Land Forever

According to the American Farmland Trust, 3 acres of farmland are lost to development every minute in the United States. 

The Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy is fighting back: we work with farmers in the Hudson and Mohawk River Valleys to protect farmland in perpetuity.

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In the town of St. Johnsville, where the Triumpho farm is located, pressures are mounting. Neighboring farms have been sold and split into housing lots. We acted quickly, and with the support of our community, to protect the Triumpho farmland forever.

The Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy worked with the Triumpho family to permanently preserve the farmland by placing a conservation easement on these 540 acres. This easement guarantees that the land will remain open for farming in perpetuity. Whether the property remains in the family or is sold to a new buyer, the land cannot be developed, and farming can continue on the Triumpho farm. The natural features of the land are also be protected, ensuring that the banks of the Zimmerman Creek remain forested, filtering the water and protecting water quality for future generations.

By protecting 540 acres just south of the Adirondack Park, we have ensured the continuation of fields and forests on the land, increasing connectivity between the open spaces of the Adirondacks and the Conservancy’s other protected areas in Montgomery, Schenectady, and Albany counties, maintaining healthy ecosystems and important wildlife corridors.

Thank you for making this farmland protection project a success!

Donate To Farmland Protection!

The effort to conserve the Triumpho family farmland has taken months of hard work on the part of many partners. The Triumpho farm project is supported with funding from the New York State Conservation Partnership Program (NYSCPP) and New York’s Environmental Protection Fund. The NYSCPP is administered by the Land Trust Alliance, in coordination with the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Learn more about how MHLC saves farmland in Albany, Montgomery, and Schenectady counties on our Farmland Protection page.

Learn more about the farmer: Richard Triumpho is a retired dairyman who has written for Hoard’s Dairyman Journal for decades. He has published several books, including a book about round barns in the region. As an author and agriculture enthusiast, Richard’s protection of his property sets an example for other farmers who hope to protect their land. Read more on Richard’s blog.


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