What happens in the woods when we aren’t there?

Over the last year, MHLC volunteers have been getting a peek at what happens on MHLC preserves and conservation lands when humans aren’t there.

Using game cameras, our volunteers have captured glimpses of the wildlife that roam the woods and make this region home. One of our most recent and significant sightings was a video of a black bear in the Helderbergs, roaming in early December, looking for a last meal before hunkering down for a long winter’s nap. These large mammals require significant acreage to carry out their life cycles and also need pathways to travel safely across the landscape, avoiding roads and human activity as they look for mates and forage for food.

Click on the image to see the bear video on Facebook.

By protecting natural lands from current and future development in Albany, Schenectady, and Montgomery counties, MHLC creates safe corridors and habitats for these large animals. As we look south to the Catskills and north to the Adirondacks, we work to create connections between these two larger conservation areas, ensuring that these wonderful animals have a place to call home. This black bear was seen on MHLC-protected land in the Helderberg Conservation Corridor, one of our priority conservation areas.

In 2019, we will share more images like this to help give a glimpse into our preserves and conservation lands and the wonderful species that call them home. If you have a game camera image that has captured a great wildlife shot in the Capital Region, please share it with us at connect@mohawkhudson.org!




Sarah Walsh
Conservation Director

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