Wild Parsnip Season

Wild Parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) is in full bloom now. Some people are sensitive to a substance in the plant called psoralen and may develop a rash if their skin contacts the leaves or plant sap in the presence of sunlight, a reaction known as “phytophotodermatitis”.  The blisters and rash may leave skin discoloration or scars that can persist for several months. Wild parsnip is most irritating at the time of flowering. 

ellie and peter

Preserve donor Ellie Peters and volunteer Peter Stoj stand in front of 8’ tall wild parsnip at the Mosher Marsh Preserve.

Wear protective clothing when you are working around wild parsnip.  Although usually in the 3-5’ tall range, this 8’ specimen was observed at our Mosher Marsh Preserve near Amsterdam. 



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