Heldeberg Workshop

KEY CONNECTION IN A CONSERVATION CORRIDOR: Protecting the Heldeberg Workshop Lands

For more than 15 years, MHLC has been working to preserve the lands of the Helderberg Escarpment by creating a protected corridor linking the lands and wetlands beneath the escarpment from Indian Ladder Farms to Thacher State Park and beyond. Earlier this year, MHLC successfully protected two important properties, the Locust Knoll easement and the Polishchuk Property, adding nearly 108 acres to the Helderberg Conservation Corridor. Now MHLC is pushing forward with an effort to conserve the Heldeberg Workshop lands. The 250-acre Heldeberg Workshop lands are the largest unprotected property immediately below Thacher Park and provide a key connection in creating a conservation corridor of nearly 3,500 acres. Protecting this property, valued for its scenic, historic, and ecologically significance and its crucial role as a stepping stone in creating greater connectivity within the Helderberg Escarpment, is a goal of New York State’s Open Space Plan and MHLC.

In 2019, MHLC, in partnership with the Heldeberg Workshop, has the opportunity to permanently protect the Heldeberg Workshop lands from development. 

Late in 2018, MHLC secured a one-year option to acquire a conservation easement from the Heldeberg Workshop. MHLC has been awarded a $25,000 Land Trust Alliance grant to support this transaction and is awaiting word on a second potential grant. With a November 2019 deadline looming, MHLC has set in motion an urgent campaign to raise the remaining $100,000 needed to finalize the transaction. Together we can steer the fate of this land away from development, saving exquisite vistas and vital habitat, and safeguarding the legacy of the community’s treasured educational summer camp.


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