Protect the Heldeberg Workshop

Join the Race to Save This Space!

The Heldeberg Workshop and Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy have been working for the last year to ensure even more years of innovative educational programs while preserving the land upon which the Workshop sits – a key piece of the Helderberg Conservation Corridor.

We are at a critical phase in the project, our option deadline of June 30, is quickly approaching.

A conservation easement for the lands of the Heldeberg Workshop will permanently shield this important ecological and geological site while providing an infusion of funds that will enable the growth of the Workshop’s programs and its impact.


To help us meet the fundraising goal, a matching challenge was issued by two former Workshop families, the Hawleys and the Pataks. And, thanks to many generous supporters, the $12,000 match was met!

The goal is in sight, but we still need your help!

In honor of the Workshop’s 60th anniversary year, will you consider a gift of $60 – or, if you are able, $600 – to preserve these lands and programs for our children? 

This truly is an investment in our future. Thank you for your consideration.






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