Schiffendecker Farm Preserve

Schiffendecker Farm Preserveschiff_web

Town of Bethlehem
Approximately 1 mile of trails over mixed terrain


The Schiffendecker Farm Preserve is located in the Town of Bethlehem between Bender Lane and Old Kenwood Avenue along the Route 32 Bypass. The property is located to the west of the WalMart/Lowes shopping complex located along Route 9W. The 39.8-acre property has access along Bender Lane.

Most of the land is wooded and has been abandoned for approximately 50 years. There are several large white pines on the property, mostly at the southern end, and an old hemlock grove along the stream. There are wetlands on the property. The lands adjacent to the commercial development, although part of the development, have been set aside and designated as conservation lands. An unnamed stream, a tributary of the Normans Kill, flows through the property.

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There is beaver activity along the stream. Numerous ferns are found on the property including Maidenhair and Christmas fern. Turtlehead and Blue Lobelia are located near the stream. Invasive species including multiflora rose, purple loosestrife, barberry, and buckthorne are common.


From Route 32 in Bethlehem turn east on Bender Lane. Preserve is on the left, approximately 0.8 miles. It cannot be accessed from Route 9W due to one way road. 

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