Winn (Hudson and Nancy) Preserve

Winn (Hudson and Nancy) Preserve

Town of Knox
Approximately 2 miles of trails over mixed terrain


Endowed by Ed and Mary Driscoll

Copy (2) of Winn01This preserve began as a 129-acre gift from Nancy Winn of Slingerlands. Later acquisitions increased its size to 208 acres. The property is along the Helderberg Escarpment and is geologically significant. It is partly in the Knox Land Conservation District #2; the southern boundary of the District is Truax Road, an old farm-to-market road that is extensively used by hikers and horseback riders. The Winn Preserve includes over a half-mile of Truax Road. The Town of Knox Transfer Station on Street Road is adjacent to the property to the north but at a lower elevation.


The upper elevations of the property are predominantly creviced limestone bedrock at the surface with very little soil (limestone pavement). The edge of the Helderberg Escarpment runs through the property with extensive rock outcrops and steep cliffs. Below the cliffs, the bedrock is Schenectady shale and sandstone. There are no outstanding distant views because the property is heavily wooded. Apparently, because of the surficial limestone, the property has an extensive ground cover of Canadian yew (or ground hemlock).



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From Altamont – From the Stewart’s in Altamont, travel West on Rte. 156 for 3.9 miles, then take a right turn onto Rte. 260 (Witter Road).  Continue for 1.7 miles and then make a left turn onto Rte. 146.  Proceed for 4/10’s of a mile and then take the next (sharp) left onto Street Road. Travel approximately 1 mile to the kiosk and trailhead for the Winn Preserve, which will be on your left.

The property contains a well-made cabin, built by the Winns. The Conservancy uses the cabin for research and other purposes. A wide shoulder on Street Road (about 1000 feet to the west of) the Knox Transfer Station provides off-street parking during the winter. The trail to the east from that point (the Green Trail) is Truax Road; the first 600 feet cross a small, heavily logged lot owned by the Town of Knox; the next 3000 feet of Truax Road leads through the heart of the Preserve and then enters private property.

Audio Tour

WinnLoft 005Whether you’re planning a visit to the Winn Preserve — or you’re already there — let these audio clips be your personal tour guide to the preserve! Just download each clip and listen at the stops along the trail. If your phone is equipped with a QR-code scanner, you can scan the QR codes at each stop to hear the audio clip.


Take the tour with you

To download the .mp3 files: click on the name of the QR code, once the audio page opens, right-click and choose ‘save as.’ This will download the audio file to your computer.

If you don’t have the mobile technology to listen to the audio clips along the trail, you can download and print Winn QR Tour.pdf and take it with you as you hike to the QR stops.
Winn QR Tour

QR 1 Welcome

QR 2 Geology

QR 3 Original Preserve Boundary

QR 4 Winn Cabin

QR 5 Truax Road

QR 6 Heidelberg Escarpment

QR 7 Walking Fern

QR 8 Loft Property

QR-9 Eagle Scout Trail

QR 10 Orchard Trail


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