Current Trail Conditions

Current Trail Conditions and Notable Finds on Your Favorite MHLC Preserves

Before you set out on the trails, check this page for the latest news regarding the conditions at MHLC preserves, as well as trail highlights, hiking tips, and local wildlife notes and sightings! If you’re a regular visitor, we recommend bookmarking this page.

If you have a trail update to report, or would like to volunteer to help make these improvements happen, email or

Update: May 18, 2021

Schoharie Creek trail work

As our season picks up steam, we’re starting early Trail Updates too! Every two weeks, check back in on this page for any conditions, updates, or other items to be aware of when venturing to our preserves. 

While the weather warms, mud and wet conditions may still persist at preserves. Slick and muddy sections were noted at Bennett Hill, Bozenkill, Holt, Normans Kill West, Swift, and Wolf Creek Falls Preserves. Please wear appropriate footwear, and walk straight through the mud where possible. This will help keep muddy sections from expanding and prevent tick interaction in tall brush and shade off-trail.

Send any updates, concerns, or questions to Stay hydrated, stay happy, and see you out there!

Update: April 5, 2021

April is the heart of spring, and we’ve been getting all that comes with it! In the past few weeks, there have been cool 30-degree afternoons, days of near Californian 60’s and sun, as well as snow flurries and all-day rains to boot. Be prepared for a variety of weather and trail conditions as the weather continues to fluctuate!

Don’t forget to start checking yourself regularly for ticks – they are currently about and active, even on colder days! Staying on the trail and in well-cleared, sunny areas is the best way to avoid any awful arachnid interactions!

For any trees down, infrastructure issues, or other concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Update: March 2, 2021

March is in like a lion, as they say! As we get snow melting, warmer temperatures, and the wild flings of spring weather, you may see a diverse mix of conditions out on the trails.

Please be aware that ice, snow, and mud may be found well through spring just mere feet apart from each other on the preserves. Parking lots, bog bridges, inclines, and some trail sections may be slippery or lack traction. Proceed with caution on hills, features, and wintry spots!

When walking our trails, please go straight through muddy areas – this prevents them from expanding! Additionally, with high winds and other weather events still on the horizon, please keep your eyes on the weather for the best times to recreate. And when on the trail, if you note any trees down, damaged infrastructure, or otherwise, let me know what you saw at!

Update: February 5, 2021

The parking areas at these preserves have been plowed: Ashford Glen, Fox, Hollyhock Hollow, Holt (LOWER entrance only), Keleher, Normans Kill East & West, Phillipin Kill, Strawberry Fields, Swift, Winn, and Wolf Creek Falls.
Bennett Hill will be cleared late in the day on Friday, 2/5, and ready for weekend use.

Groomed trails at Strawberry Fields Nature Preserve in Amsterdam.

Update: February 2, 2021

As I write this, the snow keeps piling up! Please be careful as we face another snowstorm. Conditions are variable at all preserve parking lots, as municipalities and contractors work to get things clear. We thank them for their work and you for your patience! Currently, Mosher, Schoharie, Schiffendecker, and Touhey Family Preserves are not plowed.

Be sure to drive to and utilize preserves safely! Jeff at Strawberry Fields Nature Preserve has been kind enough to groom the trails with his ATV attachment recently. A huge thanks to Jeff for this considerate effort! (We will keep you posted over social media when he is kind enough to do so again. Please be careful of steep and potentially slippery conditions on the driveway up to Strawberry Fields as well.

Be sure to check out previous Trail Updates for more information on hiking the snowy trails, Bob’s guide to winter sports at the preserves, and further tips and tricks. As always, don’t hesitate to send any updates or comments to!


Update: January 4, 2021

Thank you to Jeff Piel for clearing the way at Schoharie Creek Preserve!

With fresh snow on the ground to begin the new year, we all wish you well from MHLC and your Stewardship Coordinator Kent! Big thanks to all Stewardship Volunteers and visitors for reaching out on the preserve conditions. Although trails will be variable in condition well until May/June, they are still fantastic to explore in winter.

Our recommendations include crampons (or spikes you can put over your boots) and hiking poles which can help secure your footing and even feel for slippery areas before you step forward.

Be on the lookout for mud, rain, and frozen conditions which can make traveling on the trails difficult. Watch for flooding streams – which can move bog brides and may make some sections of trail temporarily impassable such as at Bozen Kill and Van Dyke Preserves. That said, this winter weather can also make spectacular viewing at trails such at Schoharie Creek and Wolf Creek Falls Preserves! 

Check out our social media pages and this web page for the most up-to-date word on the preservers! Stay safe, be well, and don’t hesitate to reach out to with any trail updates, conditions, or concerns.

Update: December 22, 2020

The trails have been broken and parking lots plowed for winter sports access at the following preserves: Bozen Kill, Holt, Hollyhock Hollow, Schiffendecker, Strawberry Fields, Swift, Winn, and Wolf Creek. Please be aware of bridges, bog boards, and other bumps that may be hidden under the snow. 

Update: December 17, 2020

Winter storm update: Most of our lots should be plowed by their respective towns or otherwise. Thank you to the neighbors and other folks for helping us to dig out!

Currently, Mosher, Schoharie, Schiffendecker, and Touhey Family Preserves are not plowed.

A few of the towns have expressed that they would plow our lots only in severe storms like this one, but there will not be regular maintenance or plowing for lighter snow showers and that our preserves are not the highest priority item. With winter snow events and otherwise, please be advised conditions are variable when heading out to preserves!



Update: December 7, 2020

Trails continue to be in good condition. With variable weather patterns, snow and mud may persist on sections of or on different trails at this time. Continue to watch out for mud and leaves covering the trail! 

In anticipation of future snow events, please be sure to check out Bob Frederick’s blog on Winter Sports at the MHLC Preserves. Thanks, Bob! Additionally, check the website for any updates on snow cover, and accessing the preserves in the winter. With variable plowing and lot clearing schedules, some preserves may have differing parking conditions, and not be as readily accessible.

Reach out to with any questions. As always, be sure to report any issues like downed logs, encroachment, or other concerns!



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