Current Trail Conditions

Current Trail Conditions and Notable Finds on Your Favorite MHLC Preserves

Before you set out on the trails, check this page for the latest news regarding the conditions at MHLC preserves, as well as trail highlights, hiking tips, and local wildlife notes and sightings! If you’re a regular visitor, we recommend bookmarking this page.

If you have a trail update to report, or would like to volunteer to help make these improvements happen, email or

Update: October 18, 2021

With a wet and warm summer behind us, there are still some muddy sections on the preserves. Especially after storms, be sure to look out for areas where water and mud may persist. This includes sections of trail at Bozen Kill, Normans Kill West and East, and Van Dyke recently noted by volunteers.

Hunting season began this month, and we’ve received good word from the trails on courteous and considerate trail users. Common safety practices you may see include wearing blaze orange and avoiding dawn or dusk hours on the trail. While we ask dogs to be on leash year-round, it is extra important at this time. Reserved hunting rights persist at sections of the Bozen Kill, Holt, Keleher, and Wolf Creek Falls preserves, and hunting is limited to those individuals – no new permits are being issued at this time. 

Additionally, with fall’s windy weather, trees and branches may snap and fall onto the trail. Be sure to update with any branches that are difficult to remove or clear. Enjoy the changing leaves and cool breeze of fall!

Update: August 3, 2021

Volunteers at the Bender Melon Farm workday.

As we approach the end of the growing season and the tail end of summer, the preserves are in excellent shape. Despite frequent rains, many of the trails are in great condition with limited mud or standing water. Continue to watch for wet sections and slippery slopes after storms – previously noted at Bennett, Holt, Normans Kill West, and Swift Preserves.

You may notice a small electrical box with a sign above it at Bennett Hill, Bozen Kill, and Strawberry Fields Preserves. Inside is a small infrared sensor – not a camera – to essentially tally folks who are using the preserves! We are using these trail counters to try and get a more accurate picture of trail usage. Please let us know if anything is remiss with those we’ve installed, and big thanks to Jeff at Strawberry Fields for his help getting these going!

Lastly, thanks are in order to Tom Curiale, our Summer Land Steward who has been maintaining the preserves and trails these past three months. The lands we all enjoy would not have been possible without Tom’s diligence, great attitude, and work ethic. Be sure to shoot him some thanks at

If there are any issues on the trails, contact

Update: July 6, 2021

Volunteers build gravel path at Holt Preserve

Volunteers built a new gravel path at Holt Preserve over the Fourth of July weekend.

With undulating storms the last few weeks, conditions are variable out on the preserves – please note that water and mud may persist on the trails. Please walk directly through mud and puddles, to keep the trail from expanding! Staying on the path can also help prevent unwanted tick interaction – ticks prefer shady, shrubby growth rather than cleared maintained areas.

Feeling magic in the air (besides the humidity)? Keep your eyes peeled for gnome homes! We are so excited to be having our Hike-a-thon challenge, a scavenger hunt out on the trails, starting Saturday, July 17. The first 200 registrants who send in a selfie with a found gnome home will receive a free Stewart’s Scoop! Please register on our events page to participate.

Especially as Hike-a-thon approaches, be sure to contact Stewardship at with any issues on the ground.

Update: May 18, 2021

Schoharie Creek trail work

As our season picks up steam, we’re starting early Trail Updates too! 

While the weather warms, mud and wet conditions may still persist at preserves. Slick and muddy sections were noted at Bennett Hill, Bozenkill, Holt, Normans Kill West, Swift, and Wolf Creek Falls Preserves. Please wear appropriate footwear, and walk straight through the mud where possible. This will help keep muddy sections from expanding and prevent tick interaction in tall brush and shade off-trail.

Send any updates, concerns, or questions to Stay hydrated, stay happy, and see you out there!

Update: April 5, 2021

April is the heart of spring, and we’ve been getting all that comes with it! In the past few weeks, there have been cool 30-degree afternoons, days of near Californian 60’s and sun, as well as snow flurries and all-day rains to boot. Be prepared for a variety of weather and trail conditions as the weather continues to fluctuate!

Don’t forget to start checking yourself regularly for ticks – they are currently about and active, even on colder days! Staying on the trail and in well-cleared, sunny areas is the best way to avoid any awful arachnid interactions!

For any trees down, infrastructure issues, or other concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at



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